A downloadable game for Windows

A tribute to LSD: Dream Emulator for PSX

Music/Composition by Zachary Hildum, some meshes made by Quaternius, character controller made by Moe Baker.

Everything else by Torraka.

Locked in a prison-like room, your only escape is to experience a perpetual series of randomized psychedelic encounters. Procedurally generated patterns blend with real-world materials in semirandom worlds. Try to piece together some meaning from the bizarre situations you find yourself in.

(Click on the bed to fall asleep.)

The project is fairly incomplete, and updates are planned to add lots of new content. We weren't able to devote as much time to this project as we would've liked to during the jam. There will be tons more stuff later!

Install instructions

Extract and run.

Resolution isn't important, because it will be downscaled anyway.


Lucidity.zip 247 MB

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